Storm windows help conserve heat.

Storm Window Condensation
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Condensation occurs where moist air comes into contact with a surface, which is at a lower temperature, such as a window. Condensation in houses is mainly a winter problem. Generally, it forms when warm moist air is generated in living areas and then moves to the colder parts of the home.

Condensation is encouraged by poor air circulation where stagnant air pockets form. Mold growth is the first sign that you have poor air circulation. One way to not only prevent mold growth, but also the condensation forming on your windows, is to install proper ventilation that is consistent through out the whole house.

It is common for condensation to form on single glazed windows. If you do own single glazed windows, you may want to invest in secondary glazing. But remember that you should not install the secondary glazing on all of your windows, for some ventilation is essential...more


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Storm Window Condensation


Replacement Window Properties and Design
Windows are not just practical objects useful for letting in light. They are also responsible for controlling the way energy passes through your home, defining the design of your home, and keeping it properly ventilated. Several aspects of a window should be considered before

purchasing and installing them. Before purchasing new windows, pay careful attention to your geographical location. Different windows are suited for different climates. Cold climate windows are designed to keep heat in. It is important to consider the U-value on cold climate windows. U-value is a measure of windows insulation ability. The lower the U-value is, the better the insulation ability will be...more

Replacement Window Energy Savings
Replacing old windows is one of the easiest and most apparent forms of energy savings. Old drafty single pane windows are very common in older homes. Having a single pane window is like having a leaky faucet. Air is constantly escaping your house. Replacing ineffective windows can

give your house a refreshing new look while also saving energy and money in the future. The name of the game is double pane. Double pane windows will save you money on your heating and cooling bills. They significantly reduce heat loss in the winter and can very easily reduce heat gain during the summer. It is suggested that a double pane window be covered with...more




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