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Replacement Window Properties and Design
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Windows are not just practical objects useful for letting in light. They are also responsible for controlling the way energy passes through your home, defining the design of your home, and keeping it properly ventilated. Several aspects of a window should be considered before purchasing and installing them.

Before purchasing new windows, pay careful attention to your geographical location. Different windows are suited for different climates. Cold climate windows are designed to keep heat in. It is important to consider the U-value on cold climate windows. U-value is a measure of windows insulation ability. The lower the U-value is, the better the insulation ability will be.

Let us not forget about how important it is to glaze your windows. Multiple layers of glaze on your windows can insulate your house and keep heat inside. Additionally, you may want to consider using insulated glass units (IGU's). Insulated glass units are windows that contain air pockets sealed between two layers of glass. Certain insulated glass units are filled with argon or krypton gases that are used to lower the U-value.

For windows in warmer climates, it is suggested to pay attention to low-E coatings. Low-e coatings reduce the solar heat transmitted through the window pane and into your home. This significantly lowers the U-value, which ultimately increases the insulation ability.

Aside from a windows ability to control the energy passing through your home, it also controls the amount of fresh air being let in and enhances your homes design. You will want to pay attention to the design of your home when selecting the window style so that everything flows well. Keep in mind, when deciding on the design of your new windows; you should select a style can be easily maintained.

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