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Repairing Double Paned Windows
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Several problems may lead to a double pane window needing repairs. You may have moisture between the lites or maybe the inner glass is broken. It is important to know that double pane windows are factory sealed. For this reason, it is often impossible to repair the window without losing the insulating benefits.

If you are experiencing moisture between the lites, you cannot make a repair. Moisture between the lites means that the seal has failed and that the desiccant has reached saturation. You can, however, replace the IGU (Insulating Glass Unit) without replacing the entire sash.

If you have broken the inner glass on your double pane window, you will have to have your window replaced. By simply replacing the inner glass, your windows will no longer be factory sealed, which would mean that they were no longer double pane windows.

For problems related to your double pane windows, it is best to find out who made the windows. Once you know who made the windows you can try contacting them about possible warranty service and suggestions on possible repairs.

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