Installing The Right Blinds

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Installing The Right Blinds
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Are you tired of the old curtains that you've had up for years? Are you looking for a refreshing alternative to your window treatments? Maybe its time you consider installing blinds into your home. Not only will blinds enhance the visual appeal of your home, but they will also add to the resale value.

Blinds are becoming increasingly popular as a form of window treatment. They offer several benefits that keep homeowners more and more satisfied. Benefits include extreme privacy, unique décor, increased re-sale value, and they shield your furniture and carpet from harmful UV sun rays.

Blinds come in an array of styles and colors. Materials include vinyl, aluminum and wood. The different materials will contribute to the overall look and feel you are trying to create. Wood, for example, is warm and rich and works well in home offices. Deciding on what type of blind to use in each room can be done with your own creativity or you can hire an interior designer who can offer more helpful advice.

When installing blinds, two major aspects should be considered; mounts and blind features. Mounted blinds can either be “inside” or “outside”. Inside mounted blinds require you to pay special attention to precise measurements because the hardware is mounted directly inside the window jam. Outside mounted blinds are mounted to the window casing.

Blind Features Include:

• A valance is a finishing touch that runs across the top of the window. Generally, it is a short drape of fabric or a facing of wood or metal.

• Blinds can be opened by pulling a string, or you can avoid manual use and purchase a blind that operates by remote control. You can also purchase a blind that uses a cord loop which simply eliminates the need to gather the cord.

• Conserve energy with cellular shades that trap air and provide insulation.

• Top Down/Bottom Up Control. A blind that covers the bottom of the window and lets light in through the top.

• Hold down clips control blinds from flying around.

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