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Adding Tile Accents
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Tile accents are a wonderful way to inject color, interest and excitement to a room. They are typically used in bathrooms and kitchens. Design techniques include bullnoses, raised patterns, trim bands, and borders. There are also many different colors and finishes available. Using tile accents is a great way to let your creative imagination work, but keep in mind that it does require proper planning and preparation.

There are several important things to take into consideration when working with tile accents. First of all, before purchasing the design of your dreams, it is important to gather a decent amount of samples for you to test out in the room. This step is crucial because different colors and finishes will appear differently in certain lights. Just one tile will not give you a good enough idea on how the design will look in its completion.

During your selection process, make sure to pick out a style and finish that not only suits the current time, but will also be well-liked in the future. You should take into consideration the design theme of the entire house and select colors that will flow well and remain in good taste. Also, it is important to pay attention to maintenance. An elaborate and irregular pattern will be hard to keep clean.

Once you have selected the tiles that suit your interest the best, you will want to put your order in as soon as possible. It is usually a good idea to put your order in when the job begins. Tile accents take about six months for delivery. If you place your order too late, the entire job will be put on delay. During your order placement, it is also a good idea to order about 15 percent more tiles. This will account for any tiles that chip or brake during delivery and leave you some spares for future repairs.

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