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What Are You Diving Into?
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Are you drowning in uncertainty over what type of pool to purchase? Finding the pool to best suit your needs can be quite the task. It really boils down to a few important issues. It is good to start out by asking yourself what the main purpose of your new pool will be. Will you be using it for entertainment or are you an avid swimming looking to install a lap pool? Are you interested in an indoor pool or an outdoor pool? What ever the purpose may be, the pool you purchase will depend upon it. Certainly, there are other factors involved with your new pool, which include the amount of space available, the amount of money you are willing to spend, and the overall appearance you desire.

Generally, swimming pools come in two different categories, inground and aboveground. Inground pools are typically more expensive. However, they serve as a permanent enhancement to your home, which will increase the resale value. You will need a swimming pool contractor to install a built in pool. If you are thinking about installing one, make sure to look into any laws that may restrict you from performing such an act. In addition, you will need to consider the geographical factors.

Inground pools usually come in three different materials, fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl lining. Fiberglass is the most expensive because it requires the least amount of maintenance and offers great benefits such as shock absorbency. If you live in a location, where earthquakes are common, then shock absorbency will protect your pool from major damages. Fiberglass also works well in nearly all space limitations and landscape characteristics. Fiberglass is a strong and flexible composite of materials that will last you a lifetime.

Concrete pools are typically more common because they work better with your budget and come in several different interior finishes. This allows you to pick a design that compliments your personal style. Unlike the shell fiberglass requires, concrete forms into its own shape.

Vinyl lining pools are the least expensive. Designed for both inground and aboveground, vinyl pools are the most popular way to enhance your yard. Structural designs are limited, but the actual liners come in several amazing designs and patterns. Low maintenance is an additional benefit to vinyl pools.

Some homes are limited in space and property laws often make having an inground pool impossible. Keep in mind that aboveground pools can be just as pleasant as inground ones. They are less expensive and require less installation time. Many people enjoy the fact that aboveground pools are transferable, which allows you to pack up and take your pool with you if you plan to move. In addition, if space is limited, you can free your back yard up by removing your pool in the winter.

Keep in mind that planning for a new pool can be a serious improvement to your home. Swimming pools are often one of the main focal points to your home. Installing the pool may only take a few weeks, but the creativity that you can put into it afterwards can last a few years. For example, purchasing a pool offers unique design benefits such as installing a deck or even a spa. These are great ways to integrate your own personal touch. Go ahead! Dive in.

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