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The Top Reasons For Roof Repair
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

A roof is the most important part of a home's weather proofing. This is why it is extremely important to identify the causes of damage and needed repair work, before your leaky roof causes incalculable harm. The more you understand about your roof, the easier it will be to find a contractor to make necessary repairs. Unfortunately, the roof isn't the easiest area to inspect. To avoid injury, it is often best to hire a roofer to make an accurate diagnosis.

Most common reasons for roof repair include:

• Improper or Lack of Maintenance. Without the proper maintenance, a small problem can and will turn into a big problem. Following simply maintenance tips can increase the life of your roof.
• Mother Nature. Ultraviolet rays, fast winds, storms, rain, hail, snow and falling trees may all contribute to a damaged roof.
• Improper Installation. Errors during installation generally do not show their face until years afterwards, making it very difficult for new homeowners to catch the culprit.
• Aged Materials. Roofing materials, like most other things, reach the end of their life cycle. Typically, you will start to notice curled and lifted shingles and broken tiles or shakes when a material has reached its limited.
• Improper Design. Roofs with improper flashings or sheet metal, an element installed to prevent water from escaping, are more susceptible to leaks.

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