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Landscape Solutions
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Landscaping will enhance the visual beauty of your home with artistic touches. If you are interested in establishing a landscape design and utilizing your space, it is suggested that you hire a professional landscape contractor and or designer. However, homeowners can also follow their own creative edge to correct current landscaping problems.

Many homeowners have difficulties creating a landscape design for small yards. What they don't know is that small yards are often favorites because more time can be spent enjoying the landscape rather then maintaining it.

For small yards, it is suggested that your landscape bring curves and elevated heights to the surface. This creates dimension by adding more depth and interest. Also, it is best to surround fences and walls with vines or small plants to create more space within the yard. Same idea should be used for trees.
High maintenance is another issue involving landscape. With proper planning, there are ways to reduce the level of work that you need to put aside for your plants. It is important to select plants, structures, and ground covering that will reduce trimming, watering, mowing, and weeding. It is also a good idea to use plants that will bring visual appeal to more then one season. Also, keep in mind that proper spacing is important and will affect the level of maintenance. Allow enough space for each plant to grow to its full size without constant pruning to keep it in bounds.

In addition, it is also recommended to plant flowering shrubs or perennial plants that grow back each year. It is suggested to use several different types of plants to create interesting textures and colors in the landscape, but avoid excessive variety that leads to complex keep up and a busy appearance.
Street noise is another concern that can be controlled by landscaping techniques. To eliminate loud street noise, it's suggested to add a water feature such as a pond or waterfall. Water provides "white noise" that covers up other sounds. Also, a row or two of plants along your yard with help minimize the sound. It will become more of an out of sight out of mind feeling.

There are many more landscape solutions including adding privacy, gardening in shade, and the ways in which designers can bring color, texture and shape to your yard. Most of these techniques are simple, however, the best results come from a skilled professional who has studied the ins and outs of gardening and effective landscape designs.

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