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A Relaxing Escape In Your Own Backyard
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

What many home owners do not realize is that there are numerous ways to utilize your backyard, turning it into a relaxing escape from every day stress and worries. Integrating decks, patios, landscaping and gardens, swimming pools and hot tubs into your backyard can create a personal vacation without ever having to leave your house.

People often forget how wonderful it is to have a deck attached to their house. It may be a pool deck, a patio deck, a roof deck, or even an outdoor room deck, but it's still ultimately an extension of your home.

The functionality of a deck is endless. It can be a comfortable place to eat, a quiet get away from the everyday sounds from within your home, a place to entertain guests, or even a relaxing place to bask in the sun. A deck enhances your home and speaks of your style. The value of your home will increase and so will your personal space.

Landscaping and gardens are another wonderful way to enhance your backyard experience. For example, installing a fountain, pond or perhaps a pool are changes that will boost the overall aesthetics and entertainment level of your yard.

Also tree and plant additions not only breathe life to your yard, but they can also alter the amount of sunlight and wind that your yard receives. For instance, with careful landscaping procedures, temperatures and wind conditions can be controlled by your tree and plant selection and placement. Popular landscape designs include; Oriental, English, Woodland, and unique garden setups like Butterfly Gardens and Xeriscape Gardens.

In addition, adding a swimming pool or hot tub can dramatically improve the time you spend in your backyard. Hours can be spent in a swimming pool or hot tub just soaking away everyday anxieties. They are great ways to enjoy family time and even to find peace alone as well.

Generally, swimming pools come in two different categories, in-ground and aboveground. In-ground pools are typically more expensive. However, they serve as a permanent enhancement to your home, which will increase the resale value. Pools usually come in four different materials including, fiberglass, concrete, tile and vinyl lining.

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