Reclaim Your Unused Space

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Reclaim Your Unused Space
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

There are many ways for homeowners to reclaim unused space. Some adjustments may require you to remodel a room. Other adjustments are simple, less expensive, and can be done without the help of a professional. As you can see there are easy, cheap, difficult and expensive ways to create more space. It all depends on what works best with your budget and your living situation.

Remodeling the rooms of your house is one of the most effective ways of utilizing unused space. Consider remodeling your basement, attic, garage, and kitchen. These projects are all cost effective ways to enhance your living conditions and create more space.

Attics can be given new flooring and lighting to enable shelving units for storage. Also, consider turning your attic into an extra room, home office or guest apartment. Keep in mind; it is important to pay attention to heating and insulation when dealing with the attic.

Basements can also be made more effectively by installing shelving, enhancing the lighting and creating additional closet space. Creating a finished basement is a cost effective way to make your home feel bigger and more pleasurable.

Additional Basement remodeling Ideas:

• Kid's Play Rooms
• Home Entertainment Centers
• Bed rooms and Bathrooms
• Game Room
• Studio/Home Office
• Work Out Room
• Home Bar

Keep in mind; before you begin your basement model, it is important to check for waterproofing problems. Key signs of damage are moldy odors and cracked or peeling walls. Also, make sure to check out the level of dryness and the amount of heat captured by your basement. This will help you decide what kind of insulation and flooring to use.

In addition to attics and basements, you also have the option of remodeling your garage, kitchen and bathroom. Consider turning your garage into a multifunctional space that allows for not only car storage, but also a possible home office, studio, work shop and additional storage room.

The kitchen and bathroom are two most commonly remodeled rooms. The kitchen is no longer a room simply designated for preparing food and eating, but rather a commonly occupied room used for gathering, dinning, office work, and much more. Try to think of every reason your kitchen is currently being used for. Once you have a good list of uses, think of ways in which to enhance your living experience. Below is a list of kitchen design ideas to accommodate to the family.

• Mini-office
• Recycling bins
• Media center
• Fine silver display case
• Extra shelving
• Mudroom
• Houseplants
• Additional appliances
• Fire extinguisher
• Counter Surface and Landing Space

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