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Assembling Toolbox Essentials
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Having a tool box around the house can make your life a lot easier. Whether you're a simple “do-it-yourself” homeowner, a handyman, or someone who only knows how to use a hammer, a range of basic tools is essential to doing the small jobs around the house. The process of collecting all the tools you need may take some time, unless you have the extra money to purchase a full set. Generally, tools will accumulate over time. It is important to invest in quality tools as opposed to cheap ones that won't last you very long.

There are a range of common tools that every tool box should include. You must consider the type of jobs you will be doing and the skills that you have when selecting the tools you need. There are, however, the basic tools that will assist you with many of the small jobs around the house. Be sure to find a safe place to store your tools as well. Common places include a kitchen drawer, a closet, or a tool box.

Basic Tools:

• a tape measure
• square
• torpedo level
• handsaw or handheld circular saw
• a utility knife
• a cordless drill
• a glass cutter
• a small set of screwdrivers
• a staple gun
• pairs of electrician's
• water pump
• locking pliers
• wrenches
• a hammer

Additional accessories:

• chisels
• pliers
• files
• rasps
• wood plane
• a sander
• clamps
• sandpaper
• nails
• glue
• screws

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