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Selecting A Garage Door For Your Home
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Garage doors play an important role of a home's exterior display and curb appeal. They are one of the first things people see when glancing at a home. When you mix the importance of décor with safety measurements and crucial functionality, you will begin to realize that careful planning must go into selecting the right garage door.

It is important to consider the style, function and material of a garage door upon purchasing. The three most common types of garage doors include tilt, roll, and sectional doors.

• Tilt Doors: A single panel door. Offers the widest choice of appearance. Recommended when garage headroom or ceiling height is limited. Unique structure offers rigidity and lasting performance. Door panels are typically made from solid timber, timber veneer plywood, steel and aluminum.

• Roll Doors: Popular among home owners for preferred performance. They roll straight up behind the opening, making them suitable for limited outside space. They do require room inside the garage for the door to roll in to. Typically made from steel.

• Sectional Doors: Consist of a number of hinged panels or sections which lift up and along the underside of the ceiling. Panels are made from timber, metal or fiberglass. Also come in a variety of very attractive paneled, ribbed or plain designs. The doors do not protrude the outside because they mount behind the opening.

In addition to the door type, you will want to pay particular attention to the correct measurements, suitable style, effective insulation, and estimated maintenance. All of these factors will weigh heavy on the overall appearance, functionality, and future costs of your garage door.

Keep in mind, the cost of your garage door well vary depending on which materials your door is made of, custom design elements, and type of insulation. Generally you can group the level of these factors into stock, semi-custom, and custom garage doors.

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