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Glass Block Flooring
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Glass block flooring is a wonderful way to spruce up a traditional home. It brings a unique, elegant appeal to your living space. Not only does it illuminate the floors, but also the ceilings of your home. Glass block is not limited to just the floors. It can be used for walls, windows, and much more. Ultimately, glass block will bring a modern touch into your home and allow you to be creative with your use of lighting.

Generally, glass block flooring is available in standard shapes which include square and rectangular. However, you can have it custom designed to accommodate to a more personalized appearance. Before purchasing glass block, you need to consider the location of your glass block flooring. It can come in glass panel kits, which are better suited for interior flooring, or you can purchase it in prefabricated panels, which are better suited for exterior flooring.

Glass block products have R-values more than twice that of flat, single-pane windows. This makes them thermally efficient for exterior purposes. Glass block products are also designed to act as a load bearing system, meaning they are strong enough to endure the heavy traffic of a family from a day to day basis.

Prices for glass block vary, depending on construction costs in your area. Price is also affected by the number, size, and design of your glass block. Generally, pre-assembled glass block panels are less expensive. Additionally, the installation of glass block requires experience and skill. It is possible to follow the directions for installation and accomplish the task alone, but it is recommended to hire a professional who is qualified for the job.

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