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Bamboo Flooring
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Bamboo is a wonderful alternative to wood flooring because it is one of the strongest building materials. Bamboo is a renewable resource making it widely available. Technically Bamboo is a “grass” and is one of the fastest growing species worldwide. For this reason, prices will remain stable and are generally less than traditional hardwood floors.

Bamboo has a very distinctive pattern that distinguishes it from wood. The color of bamboo depends upon the amount of time that it goes through processing. The appearance of bamboo is enhanced by various plank constructions. Options include vertical or horizontal solid construction, engineered construction, and woven stranded construction.

Very little maintenance is required for bamboo flooring. It is suggested to use door mats on this type of flooring to collect dirt and moisture, but everyday cleaning can be done simply with a vacuum or dust mop. Bamboo is resistant to moisture and does not promote dust or harbor dust mites.

Bamboo is considered a laminate product. For this reason, it is less likely to warp or gap.
Also, because it is grown in tropical regions it naturally resistant to moisture making bamboo a suitable product for bathroom and kitchen floors as well.

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