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Getting Rid Of That Fireplace Odor
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Are you noticing a fowl smell filling up your home after using your fire place? Yes, it's possible that you need to clean your fireplace out and have an inspection, but the problem is usually related to something forcing the air in your flue to move in the wrong direction. This could be related to an excessive moisture build up in the masonry. In such cases, you may want to hire a trained technician to come in and analyze the problem.

Another possible cause for fowl odors could be from small fires that do not produce enough heat to flow up through your chimney, resulting in smoke traveling throughout your home. The same is true for fires that are going out at the end of the evening. It helps to have glass doors on your fireplace during these times. It is suggested that you partially close the doors during small fires and completely close them at the end of the evening.

Other considerations include cleaning out your flue for possible obstructions, and your fireplace box may be sized incorrectly for your flue. If your fireplace box is too large for your flue, the flue may not be able to vent the smoke properly. Also, be sure that you are burning dry wood only. Fowl odors can be caused by burning unnecessary materials.

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