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Electric Fireplaces
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Electric fireplaces are the easier, maintenance friendly alternative to the traditional wood-burning, gas and propane fireplaces. They make it possible for people to enjoy a fireplace within an apartment, condo or office building. Also, the environment enjoys electric fireplaces because they are pollution free, yet they look very similar to wood or gas fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces provide fast heat and can be turned off at night to save electricity. Installation is very easy and they can be placed almost anywhere where there is a plug and a wall. Many models are available ranging from old fashion stove designs to modern sleekness. Generally, electric models cost anywhere from $500 dollars to $1500.

Most all electric fireplace models grant the owner with the option of selecting flame only, heat only, or heat-and-flame combinations. Recent advances in technology have resulted in amazingly realistic flame simulation. It is often difficult to distinguish the difference between an electric flame and that from a traditional wood burning or gas fireplace.

Several unique features are limited to the electric fireplace. You can choose whether or not you want your electric fireplace to be permanent or not. Also, custom designs allow homeowners to combine fireboxes with cabinets of their choosing. You can select from many fancy finishes, marble and other options. In addition, they can be operated from mantle-mounted controls or by remote.

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