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Wrought Iron Fences
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Wrought iron fences are primarily used for aesthetics and security. Wrought iron is worked, or “wrought”, by a blacksmith using a hammer and anvil. Today there is a more modern approach to working the iron. Because the iron is handcrafted, it is typically an extremely expensive fence option. For these reasons, ornamental-steel fences have started to replace them. Ornamental fences have the same look as wrought iron, are stronger, protect better, and are often less expensive. However, wrought iron resists corrosion far better than modern steel.

Wrought iron fences consist of high pillars with unique post caps. They offer an array of decorative options. You can put your personal touch into this type of fence by selecting unique posts, caps, and tops. The overall appearance is very formal and sophisticated. However, it is not the best option for privacy concerns. In addition, wrought iron fences also make for great gates. The pattern will remain continuous.

Installation is fairly complex with wrought iron. It is recommended that a professional do the work. Also, wrought iron requires very little maintenance. Unlike wood which is religiously subjected to a strict management of regular painting, wrought iron is frequently left to rust undisturbed for long periods. However, it is suggested to give your fence a small amount of attention. It is a good idea to perform an inspection, perhaps once a year and do slight corrective work to capture any developing problems.

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