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Wood Fences
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Wood fencing brings sheer beauty to your home and landscaping. Traditional wood creates an eye-catching, versatile, and warm appearance. With proper maintenance you can expect your wood fence to bring you years of privacy and value. Just as with many other fencing materials, wood comes in many different types to choose from, all offering different looks and carrying different price tags. With careful selection, the result will be a properly designed and well-built wood fence that complements your home naturally.

Wood fencing offers an array of qualities, colors, sizes and types. The quality, or grade, of wood is available in clear, premium, select, standard, standard and better, and quality. Clear grade is the most expensive and offers the highest quality appearance. Quality grade, on the other hand, has greater limiting characteristics and comes at the lowest cost.

The different types of wood include cedar, redwood, untreated and pressure treated spruce. A high grade redwood fence makes for an excellent fence! Of course this is your most expensive option too. Also, pressure-treated wood isn't exactly the most appealing of wood fences, but it is the most resistant to damage from rot or insects.

In addition to grade and material, there are several creative styles to choose from. Styles include solid board, shadowbox, spaced-picket, lattice top, stockade, basket weave, or post on rail design. Each style is unique and will compliment your landscape depending on the look you most desire.

Keep in mind that regardless of what type, quality and style you select for your wood fence, your greatest concern should be with installation. Proper installation is the means to a beautiful, long-lasting fence. It is often suggested to use steel post to construct your wood fence because more times than none, wood will not hold up with ground contact and posts eventually will fail. Do your self a favor and pay close attention to the installation.

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