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The Many Different Types Of Fencing
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Remember that old quote, “everyone pushes a falling fence,” but it doesn't say what that falling fence is made of. To ensure that your fence remains standing, make sure you are installing materials that can survive your homes geographic location, and any additional wreckage such as that caused by animals. Remembering your needs are very important when selecting a fence for your yard. Of course, appearance and price are just as concerning, but you must keep in mind all of the important functions that a fence performs before choosing to install a particular material.

Fences can be made of several different materials. Most are made from vinyl, aluminum, wood, chain link, steel, concrete or an ornamental fence. Depending on your budget, and the condition under which you would like your fence to endure, each material offers unique advantages. Not sure what type of material will suit you best? Request for a no-obligation quote and soon a local qualified fencing contractor will be in contact with you to answer all of your questions.

Vinyl fences are very strong, reasonably priced, and easy to maintain. They come in a variety of styles ranging from post and rail fences to full privacy designs. Vinyl is a new addition to the fence family, but it seems to be catching on very fast. People are happy with vinyl's (PVC's) ability to fight against harsh weather and still add great appeal for the property.

Aluminum fences offer a durable, no-maintenance appeal. Just like vinyl, a simply wash once in awhile will keep the fence looking brand new. Aluminum is the cheaper alternative to wrought iron fences. Built in concrete, aluminum fencing creates a strong, steady shield for your home. It comes in many different styles and several colors to choose from.

Wooden fences will always be popular for the earthy beauty it brings to a home. Not to mention, with the proper treatment and maintenance, wooden fences remain durable and sturdy. The most popular styles among wood fences are picket, privacy, post and rail fences and split rail fences.

Chain link fences are most popular in residential areas. They serve as wonderful boundary dividers and also have the option of adding extra security with the use of barbed wire. Chain link fences can also be used in commercial areas such as tennis courts. Certain chain link fences are even coated with vinyl to give them an alternative color.

Ornamental wrought iron fences are more expensive then your average fence, but bring wonderful benefits. They can be used either residentially or commercially. Wrought iron is an extremely strong material creating durability. It will bring a historic, classical appeal to your home. Wrought iron comes pre-painted in several different colors. Also, there are many different designs to choose from.

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