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Styles of Fences
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Have you ever judged a house by its fence? Sometimes the statement made by a fence is so remarkable that you can't help but think how great the house must be. Sometimes this works in the opposite way as well. Every fence has a style and that style says something about your house. For example, white picket fences imply an all American home. Tall ornamental wrought iron fences suggest elegance and classic beauty. Sometimes the style of your fence goes unnoticed to the outside world but creates the perfect atmosphere for your own personal view and comfort. It is important to think about what you want your fence to say and do your home before selecting a style. With so many materials and styles to choose from, it won't be hard to stay within your budget and still gain the appeal you are looking for. Request for a no-obligation quote and learn more about the style that is right for you.

Each material is designed into unique styles. However, the most popular styles are designed in almost every material, with the exception of concrete, brick and stone. The most common fence styles include picket, stockade, privacy fence, ranch, basket weave, masonry, split rail, post and rail, and ornamental. Most styles have the same structure and include a board and post. You can put your personal touch into a fence by selecting unique posts, caps, and tops. Some common caps include New England post caps, classic-gothic caps, pyramid style, and ball style.

Picket fences are the most American of all fence styles. If you decide to go with wood, there are four main species of wood which include Western Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar, whitewoods and treated wood. Picket fences are one of the easiest to construct. They offer wonderful security, boundary lines, and entryways.

Privacy fences help control the amount of wind, noise, and sunlight that enters into your yard. It also offers great security, establishes boundary lines, and most importantly gives your family privacy from neighbors and other outside influences.

Post and Rail fences are great for front yards and also for accenting back yards. You can configure the size of the posts and rails to your liking. One particular style, Ranch rail fences, is great for where horses may be present.

Ornamental fences come in an endless amount of colors and designs. They offer strength and durability. Ornamental fences will bring a classic appeal to your home and the reassurance of security. You also have the added option of installing a gate system to your ornamental fence. This is one of the more expensive fencing styles, but it also brings a range of benefits to your home.

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