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Fencing Possibilities To Let Your Dog Run Free
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Nobody likes to be fenced in, but when it comes to your dog, a fence may be the only thing separating you from a citation of the dog containment law. With so many styles and types, it is easy to find a fence to let your dog run free while still suiting your personal needs and managing zoning requirements. When purchasing a fence for your dog, keep the following things in mind; your budget, esthetics, and the bread of your dog. Fencing can be expensive, but it is definitely a worth while investment. For this reason, it is important to look for the most appealing, affordable fence that is still strong and high enough to control the size of your dog.

There are several different fencing styles that work well with dogs. People's biggest concerns are, “Will my dog be able to dig a hole under my fence?”, “Will my dog be able to jump over my fence?”, and “Will my fence shield my dog from outside interferences?” Each style offers you different advantages and disadvantages, depending on your own personal preferences. The best styles to restrain your dog include picket fences, split rail fences, chain link fences, and snow fences. To find the best style for your dog, request for a no-obligation quote and soon you will be speaking with a qualified fencing contractor in your area.

Picket fences are great for your dog because the height of the fence can be built at the proper height for your dog. If you have a jumper, the fence should be at least 6-8 feet high. Also, picket fences are great for diggers. The boards can be built into the ground to prevent your dog from successfully digging a hole. They also offer the strength of wood without completely blocking your yards view. However, keep in mind that pickets do not protect your dog from outside interferences such as people poking their hands in at your dog.

Split rail fences are a great middle range priced fence. The fence contains a middle post and two to three cross rails with fabric stretched in between the rails to restrain your dog. They offer a much more open view compared to that of a picket fence. They have a very strong base and pleasant appearance.

Chain link fences are fairly expensive but also very durable and long lasting. It is the most common style of fence because zoning laws seem to allow chain link when others are prohibited. If your main concern is keeping your dog in the yard and intruders out, then a chain link fence would be perfect. However, people can still tease your dog through a chain link fence. Also, it is available in many different heights to suit the size of your dog.

A snow fence is a more affordable fence, but it is not as long lasting as a chain link fence. It has the tendency to rust over time. It is made in a variety of heights and it doesn't obstruct your view very much.

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