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Electric Fences
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Are you having difficulties keeping your dog inside your yard? Have you tried to use several regular fences, all of which have failed? If this sounds like you, it might be time for you to try using an electric fence. Electric fences are primarily used to keep your dog inside your property in a secure way. You will be saving yourself the worries of your dog jumping over the fence, digging under the fence, or chewing through the fence.

This type of fence works with a collar for the dog, a control and either a wired or wireless boundary area. Underground fences, or wired, require you to dig a little in order to wire the boundary area. Once the wire is in place, your dog will be equipped with a special collar and will go through a learning process of not crossing the fence. When the dog begins to approach the boundary line, it will receive a warning tone. After a couple of seconds, if the dog doesn't back up, the collar will then emit a soft electrical stimulus that will teach the dog to stay within exact property boundaries.

Electric fences are very easy to install. During the installation process, you also have the option of installing wires along gardens or pool areas to keep your dog away. Of course an electric fence fails at offering home privacy, but with larger yards, it is a great way to let your dog roam without disturbing your neighbors. In fact, if your dog is a roamer, your neighbors will greatly appreciate your new electric fence.

In addition, electric fences are practically maintenance free. However, for the most effective results, it is best to check your electric fence system regularly. Also, keep in mind that not every dog will respond the same way to an electric fence. It is often a good idea to test try the fence before fully installing to ensure that it will work for your dogs.

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