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Saving Money On Electrical Repairs
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Unfortunately, there comes a time when every homeowner experiences troubleshooting in the electrical department. You may need an electrical wire update, small electrical repair, system wiring or new circuit and switch installation. Electrical repairs are possibly the most dangerous of household repairs. Not to mention, a minor problem repaired incorrectly can lead to a major problem down the road. For these reasons, electrical repairs require accuracy and experience.

It is quite common for a homeowner to attempt to solve the problem themselves, but I must mention that a licensed electrician has more expertise than the average homeowner. Unfortunately, professional service is an extra expense. Pay attention to some simple tips to help save you some money during this process.

First and foremost, it is wise to research the electrician you are hiring. Letting just any electrician into your home, without knowing how skilled he is can lead to extra money being spent on their lack of expertise. You will be better off hiring an electrician that you know is skilled, knowledgeable, and prepared. He may charge and arm and leg per hour, but he will work efficiently, as opposed to an unskilled electrician that will waste your time and money and may make costly errors.

In addition to hourly rates, an electricians travel expenses also add up. Evaluate your situation and calculate the ways in which you will be saving the most money. Some electrician's compensate for traveling expenses by adding to their hourly rate, charging more for the first hour, or by simply creating a trip fee. Depending on how long the project will take, and how much they charge hourly, you can calculate how to save your pennies wisely.

Last but not least, make sure to cut down on paid electrician time by preparing your home before he/she arrives. Simple cleaning can really cut down on time. Clearing walkways and removing miscellaneous from major work areas will make it much easier for the electrician to do his job. Also, make sure you are prepared with a list of what needs to be checked out and repaired. This way you can make sure that everything you are paying for is getting fixed, and also, the electrician will feel more organized.

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