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Upgrade Your Home Life
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Some of the greatest home improvements are the ones that you can't see. Of course it's nice to look at a brand new bathroom or kitchen, but think about the great things that come from an electrical or plumbing upgrade. New additions, hot tub installations, entertainment systems, and other remodeling projects will require you to increase your electrical current and expand your plumbing.

When it comes to an electrical upgrade, you will then need to know what type of upgrade is needed. For example, many older homes work on a 100amp standard and homeowners must decide whether or not to upgrade your main panel (150amps) or to upgrade your main panel (200amps). Also, in certain cases, a sub panel needs to be added. If you are unsure about what type of upgrade is needed, you can always speak with a professional about your wiring.

You will also need to decide what items need to be included in the process. Consider the following; More electrical outlets, A 240 volt circuit, 3-pronged plugs, and GFI outlets.

Each additional item will ensure a safer electrical experience for your home, save you extra costs in the future...more


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Remodeling Your Home's Electrical System
There are many reasons why one should consider remodeling their electrical system. Not only will it increase the safety level of your home and enhance your power, but it will also increase the value of your house. It is important to plan your remodeling and seriously consider

the major problem areas. Sometimes the problem is small such as being unable to use 3-pronged plugs. Other times your electrical upgrading is part of a new addition or remodel. In most cases, one decides to...more

Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures
Switches, outlets and fixtures are the portals through which you receive all the electricity flowing through your house. Switches allow you to open and close electrical circuits and outlets provide the plugs to power electrical appliances. Electrical fixtures provide the variety of

lighting schemes through out your house. Generally, switches and outlets are installed after your walls are completed. There are several different types of switches and outlets available...more




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Outdoor Wood Deck

Deck Features:
• Painted Wood Materials
• Painted Wood Posts with Vinyl End Posts
• Hanging Flower Baskets
• Window Boxes
• Screen Door

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