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Interior Doors
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Interior doors are an important, multifunctional element of a home. Not only do they function as a means to letting in and closing off traffic, but they also compliment the décor of your home and help to ensure a sound proof environment. Several aspects of an interior door should be taken into consideration including design, material, and insulation.

Types of Interior Doors:

• Hollow-Core Doors: Made from two thin veneer plywood or hardboard faces. Hollow core do not block sound as well as solid. You will have to paint the doors and probably paint the trim to match. Easy to install and replace. Least expensive.

• Solid Wood Doors/Solid-Core Doors: Made of all-wood construction and can be made with or without panel inserts. Offer sound control properties and good looks. More expensive than Hollow-Core. Prone to warping and require periodic painting.

• Engineered Wood Doors: Made by bonding together wood strands, veneers, lumber or other forms of wood fiber. They are strong, durable, and can be stained or painted. Includes medium density fiberboard (MDF). Affordable alternative to wood with all of the same benefits.

In addition to the material in which your door is made of, you must also consider pre-hung vs. unassembled, flush vs. panel, and paint vs. stained finishes. All of these factors will contribute to the overall function, look and feel of your interior door. Also, make sure to consider the different areas of your home because certain areas require special design elements, finishes, durability, and sound-deadening qualities.

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