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Entry Doors
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

It was once quoted that, "A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door. In similar ways, when deciding on a new entry door, a certain amount of planning must be made. After all, your front door is the focal point of the entire house and it creates a statement. It is the first thing a person observes about your home and you have the power of selecting the door that compliments your home in the best way possible. The increased value of your home depends on the material, design, and hardware you select.

Back in the old days, most entry doors were made from wood. Wood doors bring a warm, natural touch to a home and are still very popular today. Sadly, wood doors can't handle the harsh conditions of UV rays from sunlight and moisture from rain, season after season. Quickly, wood doors start to show their age as they begin to warp, crack and expand. Also, with varying exposure to UV rays, color variations will occur. Luckily, by simply maintaining wood doors with a durable finish, you can preserve its beauty.

Wood may require a certain amount of maintenance, but many agree that it will always be the beauty queen of doors. It's innate warmth and demonstrative splendor welcomes everyone to your front door step. You can choose between several species of wood ranging from mahogany or maple, to oak or pine. Other favorites include cherry wood and fir. You also have the option of selecting the glazing configuration for the species you choose. However, let it be known that solid wood doors are the most expensive type, especially when purchasing an entire entry door system.

Fortunately, doors have evolved over the years so for those of you that are pleased with easy maintenance, you can now select from a variety of materials including fiberglass composites and steel! Fiberglass composite doors are maintenance free and usually come with a long limited warranty. If your heart is still set on wood, but you like the sound of maintenance free, then look into fiberglass composite doors that imitate the look of wood. They are typically less expensive, but still offer the durability found in wood.

Steel doors are your source of security and stability. They are also less expensive then wood and fiberglass, but you still have the option of giving steel a wood-fiber coating. Certain steel doors can even be laminated with real wood veneer. They do require some maintenance which includes episodic repaints and special coatings to protect against weather. Steel doors are not affected by sunlight the way wood doors are, but they can be damaged by dents.

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