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Planning Ahead For Remodeling
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

There are several important, yet daunting decisions to be made during a home building or remodeling project. Decisions include negotiating the planning/permitting process, when to start building, selecting the right professionals, and means of payment. It is a known fact that the more time you put into planning and making careful decisions, the less amount of problems you will run into during the process. Planning and preparation will vary depending on the size and difficulty of your project.

Areas to focus home remodel planning on:

• When to start Building? January is the most common time for building. It allows for time to get the project “permit ready” and the construction underway.

• Developing a floor plan and other construction designs: There are several unique design professionals that should be carefully interviewed for your project. You may find that you want one person to build your home, but another to design it.

• Carefully selecting a design professional: There are several important questions to ask. You want to make sure that you are hiring the unique home builder and design professional that is familiar with your project and can suit your needs the best.

• If they are a local contractor, are they licensed and registered with the state?
o How long have they been in business?
o Do they carry insurance? If so, what type?
o Can they provide recent, reliable references?
o Are they familiar with your budget?
o Do they understand your time and availability?
o Do you enjoy their personal taste revealed through past projects?
o How many projects similar to yours have they completed in the last year?

• How do you plan to pay for your remodel? If you are planning on taking a loan out, be sure to consider all the hold ups. Consider the amount of time it will take for the lender to review the plan and make a decision. Also, take into account the time that your loan officer will be taking off due to vacations and other events. These small interruptions will affect the amount of time it takes for you to finish your project.

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