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Don't Forget These Important Remodeling Steps
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Before you can enjoy your new custom built home, remodel, or addition, you must take the precious time to create a set of custom home floor plans. Make note, it is not an easy task. Floor plans involve picking out the dimensions, electrical plans, placement of walls, the window locations, and thousands of other details. It is important to be satisfied with the size, features, and layout.

Prior to building a new home or remodeling an existing architecture, it is crucial that you take the time to critique your floor plan. This step is imperative because floor plans determine the quality of your home. Important aspects of your home including the arrangement of rooms and the location and size of windows, doors, walls, stairs, and fixtures, are all influenced by your floor plans.

Failure to put your time and energy into your floor plans could result in costly design mistakes. For example, homes that are designed to create large luxurious spacing effects are often the homes that cost thousands of dollars in building and even more in maintenance over its lifetime. Not to mention the inconvenience and frustration that these designs bring to the homeowner. Is the luxurious appeal worth the wasted money and personal irritation?

Consider these factors when assessing your floor plan:

• Does you design accommodate to your already acquired furniture?

• Are there enough bedrooms for your family?

• Is your garage conveniently placed? Consider the distance from your kitchen to the garage.

• Is your kitchen large enough for your needs? Consider the arrangement of counter space and appliances.

• Does it have the space for the amenities you want and can afford? Consider a fireplace, sunroom with a hot tub, decks, large master suite, cathedral ceilings.

• Is the placement of your electrical outlets suited to all of your needs? Consider all lighting, computer hook ups, and appliances.

• Are there enough closets and storage space?

• Does your design accommodate to your outside views and natural sunlight emissions?

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