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Construction Managers - Will You Need One?
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

During the building process of a new custom home, the homeowner is responsible for important decisions. Where and how money gets disbursed is an issue that will play an important factor when deciding on design elements and who will be responsible for constructing them. At this point in your building process, it is often recommended to acquire a contracting manager who will achieve a homeowner's goals for schedule, cost and quality.

Construction managers are responsible for directing and planning construction projects. They generally do not play a role in the actual construction of the home or building, but they do oversee the process by scheduling and coordinating all design and construction. Specific tasks include assisting in the design, hiring subcontractors, managing paperwork, purchasing materials, acquiring proper permits, and hire/supervise specialty trade contractors. Through education and past work experience, a construction manager can successfully guide your project from the conceptual development stage through final construction.

A construction manager typically gets paid a fixed fee so their motivation is to work with the homeowner and possible architect to provide a quality, cost effective home. The construction manager's fees typically should not increase the overall project construction costs. This is true mainly because the construction manager's input helps reduce claims, minimize change orders and control the schedule, resulting in a smooth running project with effective cost and schedule control.

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