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Widget Library

Our widget library is comprised of a variety of different widgets and banners—multiple sizes, color combinations and formats are available. Within our library we have cost calculators, service specific widgets, dynamic widgets, standard banner ads, and many additional customized solutions. All widgets are designed for maximium conversion and are easy to install on your website. All it takes is a simple cut and past of code and you are up and running.

Integrated Tracking

All widgets come with built in tracknig features to help you understand which pages on your site are generating the most revenue. Each time one of our widgets generates a lead on your site, our reporting will provide you with the specific URL on your site that the lead came from. This will allow you to easily optimize your content to yield the best possible results.

Cost Calculator Widgets

Many homeowners who are looking to start a home improvement project are initially looking to find out ballpark costs of their project. Our cost calculator widgets to serve that need. Homeowners can enter in their specific project details and our widgets will deliver them a cost estimate on the spot. In addition, the calculators will give the homeowner the option of connecting with a contractor to discuss the price estimate. As result, you get a useful functioning feature to easily install on your website along with something that increases your overall site monetization. Below are a few sample calculators in our library. To learn more, please ask your account representative.

Sample Windows Cost Calculator

Sample Flooring Cost Calculator

Sample Roofing Cost Calculator

Service Specific Widgets

Some sites require a widget that is specific to a particular home improvement project. For example, if you have a site that is all about kitchen remodeling, you can use our widgets designed to specifically target for homeowners in the market for a new kitchen. Below is an example of a kitchen remodeling service specific widget.

Dynamic Widgets

Many sites are designed around multiple topics with thousands of pages. The larger and more broad the site, the more difficult it is to place targeted advertisements in a systematic way. Our dynamic widgets make your life easier by allowing you to use one set of code that is a simple cut and paste and apply it to all pages on your site. By doing this, our widget will read the content on any of your pages and determine the best widget service type to show. For example, if you have a page about bathroom remodeling, our widget will read that from your site's content and render a widget specific to getting free price quotes from a bathroom remodeling contractor. This will result in higher conversions and better overall monetization.