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How Our Program Works

Finding the right professional can be a slow, and painful task for homeowners. More and more are putting down the yellow pages and using internet search engines instead. With so many homeowners looking for contractors nowadays, we have developed a way to gather the correct information from the homeowner, and match them with a contractor in our network. Let's take a closer look at how our service works.

Homeowner Searches Internet For Contractor
We advertise on all the major internet search engines (AOL, Google, MSN, Yahoo)
Homeowner finds our advertisement and clicks through to one of our websites
Homeowner describes their job and is qualified through our 3 step website form

Now We Match The Homeowner With The Contractor
Our system automatically scans our contractor network for the correct match
Homeowner's information in the form of an email is automatically delivered to your inbox

Contractor Contacts Homeowner And Schedules Appointment
We provide contractors with multiple ways to contact the homeowner, email, and phone.

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