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Clogged Sewer Drains
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Clogged drains are probably one of the most dreadful and embarrassing household problems. They tend to occur at the most horrid times, causing much unanticipated stress over figuring out a quick resolution. Sometimes the problem gets ignored for quite sometime and the issue becomes a huge nuisance. Often, the problem is simple. Typically it is due to a clogged toilet drain or tub drain. In rare occasions there may be a heavy duty blockage in the main sewage line. What we do know is that it is often very necessary to fix the problem immediately.

On most occasions, a clogged drain can be fixed without the help of a professional. The cure is usually a plunger or a hand auger. However, if the problem persists, you may be facing a larger problem. The smell of sewage backing up is usually the first indicator that the drain blockage is happening at more than one location. At this point is in your best interest to call for processional help from a local plumber. They will come out and locate where the clog is. If the blockage is caused from tree roots or other heavy substances that can't be worked out with a plunger, they will snake your system, clearing it from anything that may be blocking the main passage way. This is something that should be done a few times a year anyway.

Sometimes the sewage back up is related to the line running from your house to the main line running to your street. Certain locations have issues related to tree roots that tend to interfere with main pipe lines. You will typically have problems with drainage backing up in your basement if this is the issue. An easy and cheap way to kill tree roots is by using copper sulfate. This chemical will destroy roots that are forming in the bottom of the pip line. If this doesn't work, I would suggest calling a professional plumber to come out and look at things. Worse case scenario is that the tree roots have seriously damaged the main pip line.

Of course there are many other places where a clogged drain may occur. The kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and bathroom tub are common places as well. In a bathroom tub, the build up of hair is usually the leading cause of a clogged drain. This can be fixed by running boiling hot water down the drain, or by using a plunger or hand auger. Once again, keep in mind that whenever the blockage seems to be coming from a hidden location, it is best to bring in the plumber.

Keeping your sewage system up to par is very important to your home. I'm sure the people in your family would agree that having a properly functioning sewage system is definitely a must. However, sometimes even when we do keep our pipes clean, something will still go wrong.

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