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Appliances For Your Kitchen Remodel
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Let's face it, most of our appliances stand side by side in our kitchen. Thousands of dollars are spent on kitchen appliances alone. A stove, an oven, a refrigerator, and a freezer are all appliances that accompany a standard kitchen. Many also include a dishwasher, garbage disposal, a range vent hood and trash compactor.

When deciding upon the kitchen appliances that are right for you, there are several important factors to consider. You will want to take your time selecting, for the kitchen happens to be the most commonly used area of the house and needs to not only look good, but also function well. Certain aspects to consider include freestanding or built-in appliances, gas or electric cook tops, design and functionality. Depending on your own personal taste and the layout of your kitchen, you will find a wide selection of appliances that will enhance your everyday experience and offer countless years of rewards.


Ovens are an exciting appliance to pick out for your kitchen. They come in countless styles and offer many wonderful high-end features. Conventional gas wall ovens can operate on electricity or gas. In an existing kitchen, this is typically determined by the oven that you are replacing. Gas ovens tend to heat up and cool off faster and be more energy efficient, while electric ovens are said to heat up more evenly.
If you are looking for more high-end features such as fine tuning capabilities, look for convention ovens. Convection ovens allow you to get as customized as you want. Many enjoy the fact that they use a fan mounted inside the oven to circulate the hot air within the oven. It is said that this technology makes for both faster and better baking. However, convention ovens are also said to add significantly to cost.

Cook Tops

Cook tops come in a variety of different burner configurations. Gas and electric-coil burners are the two most commonly used. Gas burners will heat up and cool off more quickly then electric burners, but they are limited in color and are usually only available in stainless or silver. Electric burners come in sleek black designs which often add a lustrous appeal to the kitchen.

Other cook top configurations include sealed-gas; ceramic glass, magnetic-induction, and solid disk cook tops. It is important to pay attention to cook top brand names. Each brand of cook tops offers a unique function and design. Be sure to sort through the different manufacturers and prices and make sure you are getting what is best for you and your kitchen.

When purchasing a cook top it is also important to look over ventilation options. Ventilation systems are intended for the removal of heat, steam, grease, and odors that are released from a cook top.

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