Interior Design Styles

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Interior Design Styles
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

Interior design is a process of illuminating and accentuating interior surfaces, including but not limited to window treatments, upholstery, furniture, walls and floor coverings. There are hundreds of varieties of interior surface treatments, most of which can be grouped into unique styles.

Popular interior design styles include your Traditional/Classic Design, Country Style, Contemporary Style, and Eclectic Style. You also have your Colonial and Victorian styles as well as Southwestern and Mediterranean styles. Such styles mimic interior treatments from their unique worldly places.

Traditional/Classic Designs are timeless styles. Rich colors, luxurious fabrics, elegant wood finishes, and brass are common components of the Traditional Design. It is considered to be a more formal design approach.

Country Styles can be divided into American Country, French Country and English Country. All three offer an overall feeling of serenity. Vintage antiques, simple cabinetry, a fireplace, and charismatic accessories are used to create a relaxed, cozy environment.

Contemporary Styles offer a sleek modern appeal. Angular and geometric lines are used to create a spacious, sparkling look. Color schemes are commonly used with contemporary styles. Other modern styles include the High Tech Designs which incorporate stainless steel, chrome, and black accents.

Eclectic Styles integrate a variety of styles to form a fresh, layered appeal. Both old and new styles, as well as an array of colors, fabrics and textures can be used to create this style. Each room can have its own unique feel and identity.

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