Creating A Guest Room

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Creating A Guest Room
Written by Elizabeth Wood
Editor In Chief, United Home Improvement

If you are one of the many homeowners that have a neglected spare room, consider transforming it into a space for welcoming guests and making them feel at home with in your walls. Turning an extra room into a guest room really isn't that difficult.

Just as with any interior decorating project, a guest room requires you to style the walls and floor coverings, as well as selecting unique color schemes. Welcoming pastels are usually a good choice. Also, you may want to use neutral colors that won't interfere with the personal style of whoever may be occupying the room. Once you have decided on a color scheme, try to coordinate the room's accessories and bed linens to match.

Make sure to check the condition of the walls and flooring. A fresh new paint job or pleasant wallpaper pattern can really transform a raggedy room into a new fresh space. The same goes for old carpeting. Keep in mind, a guest room doesn't receive the traffic that a regular bedroom receives, so new carpet and paint will last much longer.

An easy way to get a feel for what a guest bedroom should contain is to think of what you might find in a hotel room. Devices such as alarm clocks, TVs, phones, lamps, flowers, and reading material are all great accessories for a guest room. Also, sufficient storage for clothes, luggage, and other personal belongings is essential for company. Aim for luxuries that make a person feel comfortable.

Last but not least, consider bathroom access. How far away is the bathroom from your guest room? You may want to consider adding a full or half bathroom for extra convenience. Not only with this bring added comfort for your guest, but I'm sure your family could benefit from an extra bathroom as well.

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